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How do I create editable ComboBox in DataGridView?

TsMultiLineComboBox has a specific DataGridViewColumn class; TsControls.DataGridViewMlComboBoxColumn. Using the class is the most easy way.

To use this editable multi-line combobox column class, you just select DataGridViewMlComboBoxColumn from DataGridView designer.

Selecting multi-line combobox column on Visual Basic 2008

  1. Confirm TsMultiLineComboBox is added to your project references.
    Check reference
  2. Right click on your DataGridView and select 'Add Column...'
    Select Add Column
  3. Select DataGridViewMlComboBoxColumn from Type.
    Select Type
  4. Then, you can see the editable multiline combobox was added on your designer.
    Editable ComboBox Column on DataGridView
  5. You can also change properties of the combobox on the property list.
    Editable ComboBox Column on DataGridView


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