Are you dissatisfied with regular combobox?
If your clients struggle to edit long text inside comboboxes, TsMultiLineComboBox is the solution.

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Key Features


TsMultiLineComboBox is a combo box control for Windows Forms Applications. You can edit multiple lines of text in one combobox. It also supports word wrap. This makes it easy to edit longer text.

Textbox Setting

The textbox portion of the combobox supports some properties found in the textbox that not supported in the regular combobox such as TextAlign or ReadOnly property.
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Dropdown Setting

The dropdown portion of the combobox has its own Font and BackColor properties, so you can make the appearance of the dropdown portion different from the textbox portion.
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You can use user-friendly TsMultiLineComboBox cells instead of regular combo box cells in a DataGridView.

Event Handling

The SelectionChangeCommitted event behavior was improved.


You need a development license for each PC to use this control after the 30 day trial period. However, runtime distribution is free.
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Windows XP/Vista/7(32-bit).
.NET Framework 2.0 or later.
Microsoft Visual C# 2005 or later.
Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 or later.


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