You can download TsMultiLineComboBox (DLL, Demo source) here.

Latest Version

File Name: tsmlcb1_04.zip
Version: 1.04
Size: 792kb
Date: Jan 10, 2011


If you don't register the license key, the registration dialog box will show whenever you use the control. However, you can still use all of TsMultiLineComboBox's functions.
But if you decide to use the combobox in your application, you need to buy a development license and get a license key.

Old Version

File NameVersionSizeDate
tsmlcb1_04.zip1.04792kbJan 10, 2011
tsmlcb1_03.zip1.03565kbDec 04, 2010
tsmlcb1_02.zip1.02636kbNov 23, 2010
tsmlcb1_01.zip1.01632kbNov 13, 2010
-1.00271kbOct 11, 2010

Update History

version 1.04

Added ShowDropDownToolTip property.

version 1.03

Added icon combo box demo. Fixed left margin bugs.

version 1.02

Added a ButtonWidth property. Improved fading behavior.

version 1.01

Fixed auto scaling bug. Added VB Demos.

version 1.00

First release.


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